Good Fortune

by Dazeys

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This is an EP inspired by tarot cards, indie rock, the intense natural beauty of Nevada City and the Yuba River, the full spectrum of womanhood in a post-patriarchal society, good wine, good cheese and good times.


released May 23, 2015

All songs recorded and mixed by Kelley Coyne at Tiny Telephone Studio in SF! Big thanks to Bennett Schatz for acting as producer and keeping the vibes high. Basketball!



all rights reserved


Dazeys Nevada City, California

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Track Name: Ridin' the Tide
Ridin that wave, Goin so well
know it'll crash just like it does swell
and it's good on the very top
yeah it's good on the very top


Paddlin out, watching the waves
Tired as hell, picked up by the swell
and it's got me in it's tide
and it's great, it's outta sight


It's super great it's outta sight
it's tubular it's quite alright
it's super great it's hella gnar
it's radical it's tubular

super great, outta sight, tubular, quite alright
super great, hella gnar, radical, tubular

Ridin that tiiiiiiide
Track Name: Bummer Summer
It's a bummer summer, can't catch no waves (ooh shalalala)
Just another summer, aint got no babes (ooh shalalala)
and my tits are sunburned from those UV rays (ooh shalalala)
Just another summer, what more can I say? (ooh shalalala)

inside i'll stay, who gives a shit about another sunny day
there's a drought, i'm all worn out
too tired and too bummed to play in the sun



The seagulls took my favorite book
I pitted out my nicest blouse
my soft serve melts before it hits my mouth
it's a bummer summer
Track Name: Justice
White cat tell me what to do, teach me how to play it cool.
black cat lead me through the night, to an alley way to fight.
Is it wrong or is it right?
I don't know

Doowah Doowah

In the day i do just fine. Find so many ways to pass the time.
But as I curl in to my sheets, all the sickness that's in me creeps in to my little dreams
It shakes me

Doo wah doo waaaah

I have found that i am equal parts
Light and dark
so today what can i say?
I will turn you away.
Track Name: Mother of Pentacles
I can bake a cake, i can slice it up, pass it all around,
lick the frosting from my finger tips.

I can watch my garden grow, i can tend the seeds i sew
I can wake up at the dawn, cook the eggs and mow the lawn
will you eat what i made for you?
will you keep what i gave to you?

Oh baby I will hold, rock you to sleep
Oh baby I will give you all that you need
Just let your weary head rest it's weight on me
Just close your eyes and go to sleep.

If the day should chose to end on a sombre note
If a body between the sheets feels soft and alone
can i eat what i made for you?
can i keep what i gave to you?

Oh baby i will hold you, rock you to sleep
oh baby i will give you all that you need
just let your weary head rest it's weight on me
just close your eyes and go to sleep
Track Name: Star Walkin'
On the south side I've been walkin'
Through the canyon now for days
All I see are glimmering leaves
And the prisms in this place.

It's been a long time comin'
To begin my journey home.
I will have new books to fill
Those tattered pages light the stars.

On the final day I was walking
Through the calm twilight,
Like a flood those stars came shining
Lighting my way home.
Track Name: The Hermit
It's time we jumped in the water,
It's deep but be bold.
It's time we went underground
To find our gold.

We come from the ocean.

Morning embers on the fire
Life started with light
It flows through me

Nightfall comes quickly
They've been led astray
But she guides me.

Lying on the forest floor I'm listening to the breeze.

When they say its all about money
Its a trick, its a trick, its a trick.
Don't fall for it.

There's gold running through your veins
Its yours to mine.